In the winter of 2014, the once proud Engineering Jazz Band "With Respect to Time" decided to pursue a radical new course... a MAIN course! After 9 years of soothing jazz, students determined that they were sick of salsa as a genre and preferred salsa as a tasty comestible, and thus the engineering cooking club "With Respect to Thyme" was born. This radical shift in the club's mandate had (and is having!) difficulty gaining ground. Our first cooking classes will probably have to scheduled in someone's basement, just like With Respect to Time's original rehearsals, but this time it's to try and avoid an angry mob.

Since 2005, the band had grown tremendously and the members took pride in their invitation to perform at various campus events, ranging from frosh week to formals, and even a wedding! We anticipate that it won't be too long until With Respect to Thyme achieves the same reputation and is invited to cater the very events we once performed at! We look especially forward to catering the end of term charity gig!

The Engineering Cooking Club was chopped, sauteed, and plated as an open place for anyone who wanted to get away from the grind and get to the grinder... for spices! As a result, there are no auditions and space fills up quickly which can be a problem because, y'know, too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth. Unfortunately, as we are directly funded by the engineering society, we give preference to engineering sous-chefs. Even more unfortunately, most engineering students have no idea how to cook at all, including me, meaning that getting non-engineers is really essential to the survival of this club. Almost as essential as those nutrients health food ads love to talk about!

Members are expected to help prepare ingredients and wash dishes before and after rehearsals classes. We do not have dedicated rehearsal cooking space so we have to cook over an open fire most of the time.

From time to time course themed "sectionals" will be held in order to perfect those sears and seasonings amongst potential chefs. Each chef is expected to practice at least 5 hours a week, but from the quality of the food we've had so far, it's pretty obvious that isn't happening. Join With Respect to Thyme and help starving engineers. Please!