Winter 2018 Term Signups

Don’t forget to sign up for the Winter 2018 term under “join”! This includes returning members (so that I know who to put on the mailing list). See you all soon!


Fall 2017 Signups – Return of the Band

Hi all!

The jazz band will be returning this Fall 2017 term for more jazzy goodness! Please sign up (even if you’re a returning member) under the join tab on this website.

We are planning to play at Monte Carlo on Saturday, September 9 for orientation. If you have played with the jazz band before (even if you won’t be joining for the fall term) and are still a uWaterloo student, you are welcome to come play at the gig. Make sure to sign up (or email if you aren’t joining this term) to get details!

Stay jazzy,

Anthony Silvaroli
Conductor – Fall 2017 Term

Thanksgiving & T-shirts

Hi Everyone,

Quick note that rehearsal on the Thanksgiving weekend is cancelled. We will resume on October 16th.


If you wish to purchase a WRTT polo (mandatory for our gigs) this term, please bring $20 on October 16th to confirm your order. If you cannot attend the October 16th rehearsal, please contact the administrator to make alternate payment arrangements.




Fall 2016 Sign-up Now Available

Hi everyone!

Sign-ups for the Fall 2016 term are now open. Head over to our join page to sign up for our mailing list. More information about first rehearsal will be sent out at the beginning of the Fall Term.

Our conductor this term will be Anthony Silvaroli and our admin will be Stuart Linley. They can be reached at and, respectively if you wish to contact them.

See everyone at rehearsal!

Returning Members – Important


Returning members (and new) need to make sure they sign up on the “join” page at the beginning of each term, including those wanting to come back this term! This way we can know who to email with information. If you are concerned about not being on the list, please email



Completed site updates

With the modification of the Photos and About pages (now photos works on mobile!) this marks the end of the site updates. I recommend looking at the new about page, which may even have a delicious treat hidden in it ;)